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Pumpkin prank perpetrator puzzle persists 20 years later

On the brisk autumn morning of Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1997, Cornell students, faculty and staff strolling by McGraw Tower noted an unusual sight: a large pumpkin impaled on the spire 173 feet up. The question remains: Whodunit?

At apple festival, Society for Horticulture booth bursts with flavor

Hundreds of fruit fans stopped by Cornell’s Society of Horticulture festival booth Sept. 29-Oct. 1 at the 35th Ithaca Apple Harvest festival.


Cornell supports South Asia’s largest farmer-to-farmer fair

More than 1.6 million farmers attended the annual Krishi mela, or farmers’ fair, at the University of Agricultural Sciences in India, Sept. 22 to 25.

Course offers global farming skills for success

Farmers from Zimbabwe to Uruguay gathered Sept. 18-23 in the first Cornell Alliance for Science training session in Illinois.

Cornell Commitment interns reflect on summer experiences

About 30 students from the Cornell Commitment office – Meinig scholars, Rawlings research scholars and Cornell Tradition fellows – presented posters and panel discussions Sept. 27.

By the numbers: Cornell Orchards cider

It takes about 280,000 pounds of apples grown in Ithaca and at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station to produce 20,000 gallons of classic Cornell Orchards cider.


Online course begins quenching climate literacy thirst

Cornell professors and Cornell Cooperative Extension specialists have created an introductory online course about climate change to address the public appetite for climate science literacy.

Beneficial soil bacteria face a weed-killing threat from above

Cornell researchers, led by Ludmilla Aristilde, have found an agricultural conflict: negative consequences of the weed-killing herbicide glyphosate on Pseudomonas, a soil-friendly bacteria.

Sea salts bring potentially harmful mold to the table, researchers find

Sea salts inspire talk of terroir, texture and provenance. Now there’s evidence that they can also be sources of spoilage molds.