New food policies could take the bite out of India's malnutrition

Agricultural economist Prabhu Pingali says India should fight its population's malnutrition by subsidizing more nutritious foods, like legumes, millets, fruits and vegetables, rather than only staple grains like rice and wheat.

Climate scientists create Caribbean drought atlas

Cornell atmospheric scientists have developed the first-of-its-kind, high-resolution Caribbean drought atlas, while they say the region's 2013-16 drought may hint at climate change.

Pomologist Chester Forshey dies at 92

Chester Forshey, professor emeritus of pomology, died May 7 at the age of 92.

Heritage and ancient grain project feeds a growing demand

A Cornell-led project is helping build a new local grain culture by providing research-backed, farm-to-table information on modern, ancient and heritage wheat varieties.

Cuomo signs bill, invests in industrial hemp at Cornell event

New legislation signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on July 12 removes legal obstacles impeding access to hemp seed in a bid to streamline research and farming opportunities in New York.

Parasitizing wasps offer hope against devastating lily beetle

Many gardeners across New York state have given up on growing lilies, thanks to the lily leaf beetle, which has devastated the plants in many areas statewide.

Cornell's vegan Jack'd Jerky wins national food contest

Cornell’s Jack'd Jerky – a nutritious vegan snack that offers a refreshing respite from salt-laden meat jerky – won the 2017 IFT food product development competition June 27 in Las Vegas.

Grad student earns fellowship for work on cucumbers

Lauren Brzozowski's work with organic breeding systems earned her a fellowship from the Seed Matters Initiative of the Clif Bar Family Foundation.

Roundtable chews on opportunities, trends in the food business

A recent food industry conference hosted by the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship covered topics including the effect of technology on restaurants, trends in food retailing and the movement to end tipping.