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Biotech startups face ‘cold, hard truth’ in I-Corps program

Cornell hosted a biotechnology-focused National Science Foundation I-Corps Short Course for startup founders and researchers.

Mentoring Academy established at Weill Cornell Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine has established a new Mentoring Academy dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders. 

Cornell research is growing the hard cider industry in New York

Gregory Peck, assistant professor of horticulture, has been tapping cider’s full potential to grow New York state’s apple market.

Study reveals how pathogen proteins team up to defeat plants

Study describes for the first time how combinations of proteins combine to inhibit and sabotage the plant’s defenses, so a pathogen can infect its host.

Redheads make better birders

A team of 14 Cornell undergraduates, the Redheads, will participate in the 35th annual World Series of Birding May 12 in Cape May, New Jersey.


Workshop prepares New York animal shelters for disasters

Local animal shelters received a course in disaster preparedness at a College of Veterinary Medicine workshop aimed at safeguarding pets should a crisis strike the area. 

Podcast explores human health, the environment

Clifford Kraft, professor of natural resources who studies ecosystem interactions that influence the management of freshwater fish, is featured in a new podcast episode.


Kotlikoff part of international research effort to prevent heart arrhythmia

Provost Michael Kotlikoff, professor of veterinary medicine, has collaborated with researchers from Germany and the University of Pittsburgh on a novel procedure for correcting heart arrhythmia.

New York State Senate names Kathryn Boor a 2018 Woman of Distinction

The New York Senate named Kathryn J. Boor ’80, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, a 2018 Woman of Distinction May 1.