Transplantation of young blood vessel cells boosts aging stem cells

Transplanting young blood vessel cells into older mice can make their aged stem cells take on the characteristics of young stem cells.

Symposium fosters entrepreneurial spirit at Weill Cornell Medicine

The Dean’s Inaugural Symposium on Opportunities for Entrepreneurship and Academic Drug Development was held Oct. 9 at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Cornell Botanic Gardens receives grant to conserve, research hemlock

Cornell Botanic Gardens has received a grant from New York State to continue and expand its work to conserve hemlock trees.

Veterinary students' blog: ‘Any student. Any species.’

WildLIFE, a new, student-run blog for prospective applicants and current veterinary students, shares opportunities in zoo and wildlife medicine at the Vet College.


3-D printed artificial gut creates realistic model for research

The lack of an artificial intestine that mimics conditions in real guts has limited research, until now. 

Top neuroscientists headline Mong neurotech symposium

Three renowned neuroscientists spoke at the second annual Cornell Neurotech Mong Family Foundation Symposium Sept. 22.

Workshop takes transdisciplinary approach to great ape communication

On Oct. 20-21, Cornell will host a transdisciplinary workshop on apes, language and communication.

Snakes alive! Naturalist outreach series tops one million views

Cornell’s Naturalist Outreach videos, written and narrated by Cornell science students, have topped one million views.


Satellite data paints a portrait of global plant health

A Cornell researcher is using a NASA satellite to measure photosynthesis in high-resolution at the global scale.