Engaged Graduate Student Grants fund 16 Ph.D. students

Sixteen Cornell doctoral students will collaborate with community partners from Ithaca to India on research projects supported by 2017 Engaged Graduate Student Grants. The cohort includes doctoral students from Cornell Ithaca and Cornell Tech in 12 fields of study.

The grants support and enhance partnerships while providing opportunities for Cornell doctoral students in all fields of study to conduct critical research and scholarship relevant to their doctoral dissertations. Applications for the 2018 grants will be announced in the fall.

The recipients, their graduate fields and community-engaged research projects follow. More information about each project can be found on the Engaged Cornell website.

Andrea Restrepo-Mieth, city and regional planning: Agents of Change: Institutionalizing Progressive Planning Practices in Medellin, Colombia.

Hui Fen (Sarah) Tan, statistics: Causal Effects of Later School Start Times: The Case of NYC Public Schools.

Helen Trejo, fiber science and apparel design: Community Engaged New York Fibers: A Path Toward Farm-to-Fashion.

Diana Freed, information science: Digital Security and Privacy in Abuse Settings and the Intimate Partner Violence Ecosystem.

Sarah Murphy, food science: Evaluating Quality Management Systems: Engaging the NY Dairy Industry in Milk Quality Improvement.

Bobby J. Smith II, development sociology: From Civil Rights to Local Food: Historical and Local Perspectives on Food Justice.

Hilary Faxon, development sociology: Good Land Governance in Post-Authoritarian Myanmar.

Amir Mohamed, anthropology: Historic Memory and Pedagogy Working Group.

James Knighton, biological and environmental engineering: Linking Flood Risk and Climate Change: A Map of Riverine Flood Risk in Central NY State.

Mariangela Mihai, anthropology: Mizo Nationalism at the Edge of the Empire.

Jennifer Garner, nutritional sciences: Program and Participant Evaluation of a Farmers' Market Incentive Program for SNAP Participants.

Elif Sari, anthropology: Queer Baby: Collaborative Multimedia Project with LGBTI Refugees in Turkey.

Sam Bosco, School of Integrative Plant Science – horticulture: Restoring the Place of Nut Trees in Haudenosaunee Foodscapes.

David Garavito, human development: Sports, Memory, and Decision Making: A Fuzzy-Trace Theory Approach.

Bill Weldon, School of Integrative Plant Science - plant pathology: Stakeholder Engagement: Avoiding Catastrophic and Chronic Losses in the NY Hop Industry.

Ted Lawrence, natural resources: Yucatec Maya Beekeeping and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Ashlee McGandy is content strategist for the Office of Engagement Initiatives.

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