Seaworthy solution yields green energy, fresh water

Cornell engineers have refined a model that not only cultivates green energy, but concurrently desalinates ocean water for large, drought-stricken coastal populations.

Cornell hosts Engineers for a Sustainable World national conference

With the goal of exploring new solutions for environmental challenges, 150 students from across the continent convened Nov. 9-12 at Cornell for the 2023 Engineers for a Sustainable World Conference.

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Dead & Co concert proceeds fund climate solutions

The 2030 Project has launched a new Climate Solutions Fund and announced 15 new Research-to-Impact Fast Grants, financed in part by Dead & Co. concert proceeds.

Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates

In sea fireflies’ underwater ballet, the males sway together in perfect, illuminated synchronization, basking in the blue-like glow of their secreted iridescent mucus.

Researchers win grants to remove carbon from air, manufacturing

Cornell Atkinson faculty fellows Greeshma Gadikota and Phillip Milner have won Carbontech Development Initiative grants to develop carbon removal technologies.

600 years of tree rings reveal climate risks in California

An interdisciplinary collaboration used paleo information and reconstructed weather scenarios to better understand California’s flood and drought risks and how they will be compounded by climate change.

Report: Apprenticeships can drive inclusive clean energy economy

The ILR School’s Climate Jobs Institute will share its new report, “Building an Equitable, Diverse and Unionized Clean Energy Economy: What We Can Learn from Apprenticeship Readiness,” at an in-person and online event on Nov. 30.

Bitcoin could support renewable energy development

A new study calculated renewable energy projects' potential to profit from bitcoin mining during the precommercial development phase, when a wind or solar farm is generating electricity, but has not yet been integrated into the grid. 

Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement workshop welcomes global plant breeders and social scientists

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement hosted global scholars for intensive training on plant breeding and social science at Cornell University in October.

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