Endangered sea cucumbers for sale in NYC food markets

After sampling food markets in Chinatown districts, Cornell researchers found evidence that some threatened species of sea cucumbers – a pricey, nutritious delicacy – get sold to consumers.

Cocaine trafficking threatens critical bird habitats

Cocaine trafficking harms the environment and threatens habitats important to dozens of species of migratory birds, according to a new study.

Spritzy and sustainable: Researchers riff on an ancient refreshment

Piquette, an ancient French beverage made of upcycled grape pomace, gets a New York state spin with the addition of dairy byproducts.

Startup aiming to reduce plastic reliance joins Cornell incubator

RETRN Bio, a startup aspiring to use ag waste to replace petroleum-based plastic liners in consumer products, has joined Cornell’s Center for Life Science Ventures incubator.

Potential microbes and genes that impact forever chemicals identified

A study identifies microbes that potentially play important roles in breaking down harmful PFAS chemicals and points to functional genes that may be involved.

Engineering enzymes to break down microplastics in sewage and wastewater

Food Science Professor Julie Goddard’s research team has engineered unique enzymes to break down microplastics in sewage and wastewater, a major route of microplastic pollution into the environment.

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CROPPS welcomes 2024 REU class

The Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems is welcomes the 2024 cohort of the National Science Foundation-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Around Cornell

Properly fitting face masks can help block particulate pollution

The new research provides findings about the value of masks that fit snugly around the face in everyday use and how human behavior affects their efficacy.

Ivan Rudik appointed chief environmental economist

Rudik will work in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where he will lead work to connect economic analyses with environmental decision-making.