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Author and law professor Rhonda Magee to keynote CURW speaker series

CURW speaker series, "Into and Out of the Echo Chambers" returns virtually with author and law professor Rhonda Magee on October 12. 

Around Cornell

Columbus art explores the world’s entrenched colonialism

An art installation in Columbus, Indiana, created by two Cornell AAP professors, highlights connections among places around the world named for Christopher Columbus.

Child restraints are high-risk interventions that can be fatal

BCTR's Residential Child Care Project confirmed 79 fatalities nationally over 26 years resulting from physical and mechanical restraints of children living in out-of-home care settings.

Ranked choice, multimember districts blunts gerrymandering

New research from the College of Engineering lays out in detail why ranked-choice voting, combined with multi-member legislative districts, promotes fair representation, particularly when it comes to blunting the practice of gerrymandering.

‘More inspired than ever:’ Cornell students start their journeys in law, med school

Despite the pandemic, Cornell students successfully navigated the process of applying to medical and law schools and are headed to some of the country’s top professional schools this fall.

Around Cornell

Cornell informs, takes action on Afghanistan

As the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan unfolded, two events kept pace brought Afghan and congressional national security experts to the campus conversation.  

Decades in making, public policy school now a reality

The newly launched Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy will help shape a better world, university leaders and the school’s inaugural dean said at a Sept. 15 reception in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.

Project aims to prevent abuse in encrypted communication

Mitigating abuses of encrypted social media communication, on outlets such as WhatsApp and Signal, while ensuring user privacy is the focus of a five-year, $3 million NSF grant to a multidisciplinary Cornell research team.

West, George defend academic freedom in Coors forum

Scholars Cornel West and Robert P. George discussed “Truth-Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Thought and Expression” Sept. 9 in the fourth meeting of Civil Discourse: The Peter ’69 and Marilyn ’69 Coors Conversation Series.