Childcare workers built movement to raise pay, include more families

In the early 1990s, labor activists responded to the exploitation of waged childcare workers by dissolving the usual labor divisions between workplace and home, according to a new account of the movement by a Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow.

Solidarity from below: A leftist’s guide to the U.S.-China rivalry

Workers and socially marginalized people in both countries should pressure leaders not to ratchet up rhetoric and to center solidarity across borders, ILR's Eli Friedman argues in a new book.

Cornell Board of Directors Forum set for October in NYC

Designed to provide corporate leaders with critical skills and actionable insights to bring to their boardrooms, the 2024 Cornell Tech Board of Directors Forum is slated for Oct. 29 and 30 in New York City.

Around Cornell

Dirty cooking fuels pose major threat to infants in India

A new paper quantifies the impact of cooking fuel choice on indoor air pollution and early childhood mortality in India.

Growing rural-urban divide exists only among white Americans

Researchers have found that when it comes to politics, Black and Latino residents of rural America differ far less, if at all, from their urban counterparts than do non-Hispanic white residents.

Economist, EPA adviser to join Brooks School, Atkinson

Sheila Olmstead will be appointed a professor in the Brooks School of Public Policy and a Cornell Atkinson Scholar July 1.

Study finds racial bias in traffic stops by Chicago police

Black drivers in Chicago are significantly more likely than white drivers to be stopped by police, finds a new study that uses mobile phone GPS data to map the racial composition of roads.

Partisan news shows broadcast emotions alongside information, says Klarman Fellow

Erin Cikanek proposes that citizens pick up from television news not just what to think but how to feel.

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Former Colombian president tells grads to tackle ‘liberty deficit’

Iván Duque, a lawyer who was president of Colombia from 2018 to 2022, spoke at the Emerging Markets Institute fellows graduation ceremony, May 24 in Sage Hall, to an audience of 250 people online and in person, including 71 EMI Class of 2024 fellows.