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All in the family: Cornell adds five species to listeria genus

While examining the prevalence of listeria in agricultural soil, Cornell food scientists have stumbled upon five previously unknown and novel relatives of the bacteria.

Cheap, user-friendly smartphone app predicts vineyard yields

Cornell engineers and plant scientists have teamed up to develop a low-cost system that allows grape growers to predict their yields much earlier in the season and more accurately than costly traditional methods.

Law student plays key role in blogger’s defamation defense

In a case won by Cornell Law School's First Amendment Clinic, law student Rob Ward addressed a novel question in New York state court concerning recent changes to state statutes intended to protect free speech in public matters.

Pilot program helps older adults with dementia manage meds

Serving residents of two upstate New York counties, the HOPES program led by Rana Zadeh is providing secure medication organizers and training to help prevent potentially dangerous and costly mishaps.

Radio interview discusses Ithaca's "Virus has no nationality" campaign

Amy Somchanhmavong, Ithaca Asian American Associations, gives a local perspective on anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias, and discusses the "Virus has no nationality campaign."

Around Cornell

Prison education alums work with undergrads on theater piece

Participants in a new class – designed to bring together formerly incarcerated and traditional Cornell students – have written, workshopped and performed an ensemble theatrical piece that will premiere online May 16.

Nano-sized McGraw Tower features 161 steps, chimes

Ed Camacho of the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility has created what is thought to be the world’s smallest rendition of Cornell’s iconic McGraw Tower – complete with its 161 interior steps, two sets of stairs and 21 bells.

Swiping, swabbing elevates processing plant food safety

By swiping surfaces in commercial food processing plants with specially designed swabs, spoilage and foodborne illness could diminish, according to Cornell research.

Cornell Humphrey Fellows help conserve local wetland habitats

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Cornell volunteered for conservation efforts at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in April as part of Earth Day activities.

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