Sean and Holly Olson establish a fund as “an investment in the world we want to see”

Holly and Sean Olson have established the Olson Family Strategic Initiatives Fund at the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy to help create the world they want to live in.

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Student prods COP27 to include youth in climate solutions

Kehkashan Basu, an MBA student at the Johnson School, hopes to kindle positive global change. She moderated the first roundtable meeting between government officials and youth at COP27.

Personal sensing at work: tracking burnout, balancing privacy

Personal sensing data could help monitor and alleviate stress among resident physicians, although privacy concerns over who sees the information and for what purposes must be addressed, according to collaborative research from Cornell Tech.

Marketization in Europe worsens worker conditions

A new book explores how European markets function, who creates, shapes and organizes them, and what they mean for the relationship between labor and capital.

Zhang, Klarman fellow, named Schmidt Futures AI2050 Fellow

Zhang will work with the Center for New Democratic Processes to test whether public assemblies can be an effective method for increasing public participation in AI governance.

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‘Everything changed’: reuniting families fractured by opioids

Cornell researchers and parent educators are identifying how the opioid crisis has ravaged New York state families and the solutions that help parents and children reunify.

Local floodplain home buyouts can inform federal plans

Cornell researchers compared federal floodplain home buyout policies with regional programs, showing that local strategies may make these acquisitions more equitable and effective.

‘Young, male and aimless’: Why are men in India delaying marriage?

Researchers found that economic changes, like unemployment, are forcing men to wait longer for marriage in India.

Students can choose new minor in data science

The minor is distinctive in including courses from many disciplines, from across Cornell’s schools and colleges.

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