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Four faculty experts kicked off the College of Arts and Sciences’ yearlong “Racism in America” webinar series with a Sept. 16 discussion about policing and incarceration.

Susanne Bruyère is co-principal investigator for a National Science Foundation-funded team that is developing artificial intelligence technology to improve employment outcomes for people with autism spectrum disorder.

Facebook posts about birthdays and anniversaries prompt users to reflect on the passage of time and the patterns of their lives, according to new Cornell research.

A new book by Karl Pillemer highlights the prevalence of family estrangement and offers tips for seeking reconciliation.

People enjoy witnessing extraordinary individuals – from athletes to CEOs – a new study suggests. But they aren’t as interested in seeing similar streaks of success by teams or groups.

Workers who signal their independence from other people are judged to have more creative potential than those who seem more socially connected, according to a new study from researchers in the ILR School.

Applications are being accepted through Oct. 15 for the second cohort of the Klarman Postdoctoral Fellowship program, in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Since requesting proposals in April, the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability has awarded approximately $250,000 in rapid-response grants for COVID-19-related Cornell research.

Cornell researchers are leading a review on the risk of coronavirus transmission through breast milk intake and breastfeeding, to inform WHO guidelines during the pandemic.