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Wellness Days set for April 23-26

Senior administrators sent a reminder that Wellness Days are set to begin April 23 to allow students an opportunity to rest and refocus and take time away from their academic responsibilities. The university will remain open during this break, but faculty and staff are encouraged to make time for self-care as well.

Time and sanctuary: Writing program shapes promising voices

Graduates of the Creative Writing Program follow in the footsteps of the program’s Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, best-selling authors and influential faculty.

Earth Day forum: Barrett maps food systems past mid-century

To feed the world in a healthy, sustainable way, nations need to reorient today’s agri-food systems for distant generations, said Chris Barrett at an Earth Day forum.

North Campus kitchen to cultivate culinary, dietetic discovery

The Discovery Kitchen, a state-of the-art teaching kitchen under construction in the North Campus Residential Expansion's dining facility, will bring together researchers and food service professionals to advance sustainable menus, dietary education and food literacy across campus.

The Johnson Museum presents a virtual workshop for students with artist Sharon Walters

On April 24, Cornell students can join this London-based artist at a virtual collage-making workshop and discussion about creativity, mental health, and representations of Black women in art.

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Global food systems expert joins Cornell

Mario Herrero, a leading global expert in sustainable food systems, will join the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and become the university’s second Cornell Atkinson Scholar.

Citizen science data tracks battle of birds vs. bacteria

House finches are locked in a deadly cycle of immunity and new strains of bacterial infection in battling an eye disease that halved their population when it first emerged 25 years ago, according to new research from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Event examines the ethics, politics and future of AI

Three leading Cornell scholars discussed governmental, social and moral ramifications of artificial intelligence and the role that politics should play in its regulation.

Message from President Pollack on Chauvin trial verdict

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack announced a series of community gatherings this week following the guilty verdict in the trial of ex-officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

Radio interview with community activist Richard Rivera on prison education and re-entry from incarceration

Radio interview with community activist and former prison inmate Richard Rivera about prison education and re-entry into society.

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Parham to deliver lecture on African American Digital Humanities

Parham’s Digital Humanities Lecture, set to take place online April 28, will discuss what might be made possible at the intersection between Black expressive traditions, digital humanities, and electronic literature, with an eye to describing the chain of interactions that link theory to practice.

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Githa Sowerby study illuminates women writers' struggle

In a new critical edition of three plays by Githa Sowerby (1876-1970) J. Ellen Gainor argues for the lasting merit of this writer's artistry and for recognition of women in theater.

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