Mong fellowship advances neuroimaging collaboration

The discovery made by two doctoral students could have future implications for human health, setting a path for research into understanding brain function.

A Q&A with Dr. Sarah Robbins of the Veterinary College

Dr. Sarah Robbins joined the College of Veterinary Medicine as assistant clinical professor in the Section of Emergency and Care.

Around Cornell

Experts develop genetic test to predict severe digestion disorder in dogs

Scientists at the College of Veterinary Medicine are one step closer to understanding the genetic predispositions behind congenital idiopathic megaesophagus.

Around Cornell

Startup Roundup: Antithesis Foods, Guard Medical, C2i, Bactana

Cornell startup Antithesis Foods and Bactana were awarded NSF small-business grants, as Guard Medical raises $11 million in Series B investments and C2i launches a disease test in Europe.

Partnerships fuel COVID testing lab’s success

Robust collaboration between community partners and Cornell has resulted in more than 2 million COVID-19 tests, saving lives throughout the Finger Lakes region.

First record of a gall-forming aphid fighting off predator

A researcher reports evidence of a gall-forming aphid defending itself against predators, a first for the species, Mordwilkoja vagabunda.

Wildlife team treats songbird injured in glue trap

Found in a glue trap meant to capture insects, the small bird was taken to Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital after its rescuers attempted to free the creature from the powerful adhesive.

Student’s illustrations bring wildlife book to life

Veterinary student Laura Donohue is blending her artistic talents and passion for animals in more than 100 illustrations for a new book on wildlife health and disease in conservation.

Choline makes key nutrient available for baby development

The nutrient choline – shown to have long-term benefits for children whose mothers consume it during pregnancy – also helps the body more efficiently use an omega 3 fatty acid that is essential for fetal development.