Nonalcoholic beer at higher risk for foodborne pathogens

The lack of alcohol in nonalcoholic or low-alcohol beer – particularly during manufacturing, storage and pouring – may prompt conditions ripe for foodborne pathogen growth.

Under-the-skin implant could treat Type I diabetes

Researchers created a new technique to treat Type 1 diabetes: implanting a device inside a pocket under the skin that can secrete insulin while avoiding the immunosuppression that typically stymies management of the disease.

MicroRNA holds clues to why some mammals are cancer-prone

Researchers have identified an important pathway that reveals why some mammals, like humans, dogs and cats, regularly develop mammary cancer while others, such as horses, pigs and cows, rarely do.

Snail-inspired robot could scoop ocean microplastics

Inspired by a small and slow snail, scientists have developed a robot protype that may one day scoop up microplastics from the surfaces of oceans, seas and lakes.

Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates

In sea fireflies’ underwater ballet, the males sway together in perfect, illuminated synchronization, basking in the blue-like glow of their secreted iridescent mucus.

Josh Manser named supervisor of Cornell AES Tower Road Greenhouses

Josh Manser, a 15-year employee of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (Cornell AES), has been promoted to supervisor of the Kenneth Post Laboratory greenhouses on Tower Road.

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Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement workshop welcomes global plant breeders and social scientists

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement hosted global scholars for intensive training on plant breeding and social science at Cornell University in October.

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Joseph Novak, pioneer of education theory, dies at 92

Joseph Novak, professor emeritus of education and biological sciences, died Sept. 22. He was 92.

Entrepreneurs talk about disruption, growth and the power of AI

Cornell entrepreneurs shared wisdom, advice and ideas during Eclectic Convergence 2023 at Cornell Tech in New York City.

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