Register for Cornell’s first Web Accessibility Camp, Aug. 6-8

Cornell University will hold its first Web Accessibility Camp, “Universal Design for Any Person, Any Study,” Aug. 6-8, with sessions to be hosted by such groups as WebAIM, Siteimprove and Cornell Information Technologies.

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind), a non-profit organization, provides web accessibility expertise and helps empower organizations to make their own content accessible. WebAIM will be on campus Aug. 6 and will host two sessions – one for content contributors and another for designers and developers.

If you update websites or write text for websites, you should attend WebAIM’s Content Contributor training. This training will cover accessibility guidelines; legal requirements and guidelines; how to evaluate your website for web accessibility; and what to understand about your website when it comes to those with auditory, visual, motor, cognitive and learning disabilities.

WebAIM’s Designer and Developer training will include tables, forms, JavaScript, CSS and responsive web design, complex images, Tabindex, modal and non-modal dialogs, and accessibility APIs for widget and application accessibility. They will also cover information on ARIA. To register for the designer and developer training, you must also attend the content contributor training.

A variety of free sessions will be held Aug. 7 and 8, including how to remediate PDFs; testing and correcting color contrast; captioning your videos; sessions from Siteimprove; and manual testing. Register for our free sessions.

For complete information, see Cornell Web Accessibility Camp website.

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