The long, Silk Road to today's apples

The Boyce Thompson Institute's Fei Lab has released new research that tells the story of the apple's evolution on the historic Silk Road, and reveals new insights into apple genetics that could be a major boost to apple breeders.


Martha’s Bits & Bytes ice cream sweetens inauguration

For the inauguration of Cornell President Martha E. Pollack on Aug. 25, the university dips into tradition to offer Martha’s Bits & Bytes, a special ice cream for the celebration.

Weight gain in college males linked to changes in taste sensitivity

In a longitudinal study of first-year college students, scientists link modest weight gain with a diminished ability to taste sweet and salty foods – particularly in males. The new Cornell research was published in the Journal of Nutrition, Aug. 23.

Extension helps N.Y. brewers, growers raise a pint

Farm-to-Pint tours brought together more than 70 New York hop and barley producers, maltsters, brewers, state officials with Cornell and other industry researchers.

Caffeine tempers taste buds, makes food seem less sweet

Caffeine – the widely consumed stimulant and igniter of sluggish mornings – has been found to temper taste buds temporarily, making food and drink seem less sweet, according to new Cornell research in the Journal of Food Science.

Fungal spore 'death clouds' key in gypsy moth fight

A fungus known to decimate populations of gypsy moths creates “death clouds” of spores that can travel more than 40 miles to potentially infect populations of invasive moths, according to a new study.

New to campus? Discover Cornell’s rich history

New Cornell University students, faculty and staff are entering a campus forged by history.

Genomic insights reveal the surprising journey of the apple

Researchers at the Cornell-affiliated Boyce Thompson Institute have excavated the mysteries of the apple's evolutionary history.

Christine Smart to lead Cornell plant science

Christine Smart, a professor of plant pathology who specializes in development of management strategies for vegetable diseases, has been appointed director of the School of Integrative Plant Science.