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Students participate in the “Debate at the State” event in April 2018 at the State Theatre in Ithaca. The Cornell Speech and Debate Society is participating in a debate Sept. 14 in New York City, where they will argue about universal basic income.

Students to debate universal basic income Sept. 14 in NYC

Is universal basic income our next generation’s future?

That is the question that will be deliberated at the Cornell Speech and Debate Society public debate, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Sept. 14 at ILR’s New York City headquarters, 570 Lexington Ave.

“Public debates like this bring out the best of what Cornell and ILR represent – civil discourse, intellectual inquiry and critical thinking,” said Sam Nelson, director of Cornell’s speech and debate programs, based at ILR. “Cornell Speech and Debate is proud to promote these values as an important part of the mission of ILR. The issue of the universal basic income goes to the heart of how our society may deal with impending changes in the labor market due to globalization and technological innovation.”

The question of whether there should be a universal basic income for all citizens, regardless of need or economic circumstances, is gaining traction in mainstream political discourse as a solution to predicted unemployment problems driven by automation. Cornell student debaters Carson Crane ’22, Victor Rieman ’21, Alice Kreher ’21 and Jin Mo Koo ’22 – chosen based on their success and commitment to speech and debate program during the past year – will explore both sides of the issue. 

The event, co-sponsored by ILR Alumni Affairs and Development and Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development (AAD), will begin with remarks by Alexander Colvin, Ph.D. ’99, the Kenneth F. Kahn ’69 Dean and Martin F. Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution in the ILR School.

Visit the AAD website for more information or to register for the event. 

Julie Greco is a communications specialist with the ILR School.

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