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Cornell seniors' awards will benefit human services and other students

Twelve Cornell seniors who have been honored for their community service efforts will use their monetary awards to benefit others. Each year between 10 and 12 Cornell Tradition Fellows are honored for their community service work with a $2,500 Senior Recognition Award.

Cornell Law School tops state in New York bar-exam passing rates

Cornell Law School tops the list of law schools in New York when it comes to the percentage of students who pass the New York state bar exam. According to the American Bar Association, which is publicly releasing state bar exam pass rates for the first time, Cornell Law School graduates topped the state in 1995 with a 96 percent pass rate.

Almost all employers say computer literacy is important for new hires, Cornell survey shows

For those students graduating this year, consider this: More than 83 percent of employment recruiters on college campuses believe that basic computer literacy plays an "important" or "very important" role in the hiring process of recent college graduates, according to a survey from Cornell.

Interactive system on the Web is useful for science and education, too

In September at the United Nations, President Clinton and leaders of four other superpowers signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, prohibiting the testing of nuclear devices around the globe. As of January, 140 nations had signed on.

Cornell Law School Convocation set for May 18

The Cornell Law School will confer degrees on 232 students during convocation ceremonies Sunday, May 18, at 2 p.m. in Bailey Hall on the Cornell campus. Juris doctorates will be awarded to 191 students; 41 will receive master of law degrees and six will receive both degrees.

Cornell engineering alum Edward Lu will fly in space May 15

Edward T. Lu, a NASA astronaut and graduate of Cornell's School of Electrical Engineering (B.S. 1984), is scheduled to lift off into space on May 15 from the Kennedy Space Center.

'Pet Loss Support Hotline' at Cornell veterinary college offers grief counseling and information for animal owners

Some animal owners are preparing for the death of a beloved pet. Some are grief-stricken by a sudden, unexpected loss, while others are still trying to cope months later. Students in the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine have started the Pet Loss Support Hotline.

Raymond Dwek, Oxford professor, will lecture on glycobiology at Boyce Thompson Institute on May 14

Raymond Dwek, Oxford University professor of glycobiology and director of the Glycobiology Institute there, will present a lecture, "Glycobiology -- Toward Understanding the Function of Carbohydrates," at the Boyce Thompson Institute Auditorium on the Cornell campus Wednesday, May 14 at 3 p.m.

France names Cornell Professor Alice Colby-Hall a Knight of Arts and Letters

Professor Alice Colby-Hall of Cornell's Department of Romance Studies has been named a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) by the French Minister of Culture.

Cornell official clarifies university stance on controversial article

In the wake of recent news reports about a controversial article published in a biweekly independent student newspaper at Cornell, a campus official said today (May 9, 1997) that information given to the news media by student editors did not accurately reflect the university's response and was incorrect in other details.

Parents put in a full day's work raising two children -- triple the time experts had previously estimated

Parents with two children put in 7.5 hours a day raising kids -- three times more than experts had previously estimated because they had only considered primary child care, a Cornell University time-use expert has found.

Avoid lower Cascadilla Gorge and control dogs in Newman Arboretum, Cornell Plantations officials request

With flood-damage repairs in Cascadilla Gorge about to begin and dogs running loose in the Newman Arboretum, officials at Cornell Plantations have two requests for the public.