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Weingarten ’80 continues leadership of 1.7 million-member union

Randi Weingarten ’80 was reelected president of the American Federation of Teachers on Sunday at its convention in Boston.

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Get off my awn: Cornell Weed Team to compete in Ontario

For the students on the Cornell Weed Team, who face endless marijuana wisecracks from nonscientists, competing in the Northeastern Weed Science Society’s tournament in Guelph is no joke.

‘Earable’ uses sonar to reconstruct facial expressions

Cornell researchers have developed a wearable earphone device – or “earable” – that bounces sound off the cheeks and transforms the echoes into an avatar of a person’s entire moving face.

Local students invited to Cornell International Summer Debate Camp

The Cornell International Summer Debate Camp invites local students to join teens from around the world on campus July 30 through Aug. 7.

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Alumna recounts addiction, imprisonment in new memoir

Keri Blakinger ’14, who served 21 months behind bars after her 2010 arrest for drug possession, now covers criminal justice issues as a journalist and recently published a book recounting her experiences, “Corrections in Ink.”

Existing fiber-optic cables can monitor whales

A new study demonstrates for the first time that the same undersea fiber-optic cables used for internet and cable television can be repurposed to tune in to marine life at unprecedented scales, potentially transforming critical conservation efforts.

Registrar star Lisa M. Clark wins George Peter Award

For her heroic efforts to get students enrolled virtually during the fall 2020 pandemic semester – and after 26 1/2 years at Cornell – Lisa M. Clark, the inaugural deputy university registrar in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), has won the 2022 George Peter Award for Dedicated Service.

Center for Historical Keyboards hosts young piano stars

Young artists from around the world will be immersed in one of the world’s most significant collections of performance-ready historical pianos, with performances open to the public August 1-6.

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Courts, not amendments, best route for constitutional reform

Once used as a tool for constitutional reform, Congress has repurposed Article V of the U.S. Constitution into a mechanism for taking positions on issues, according to new Cornell research.

A Q&A with Dr. Corinna Noel of the Veterinary College

Dr. Corinna Noel, assistant professor of practice in the Department of Public and Ecosystem Health, recently joined the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Study finds new links between dogs’ smell and vision

Cornell researchers have provided the first documentation that dogs’ sense of smell is integrated with their vision and other unique parts of the brain, shedding new light on how dogs experience and navigate the world.

Supercomputer simulates future of snow melt, water

Water resources will fluctuate increasingly and become more and more difficult to predict in snow-dominated regions across the Northern Hemisphere by later this century, according to a new study.