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Timber wolves separate myth from reality at Oct. 6 Cornell presentation

Some of North America's most misunderstood animals, the timber wolves, will try to set the record straight in a live appearance Sunday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. in Cornell University's Statler Auditorium.

The "Mission: Wolf" presentation, with animals and handlers from the wolf sanctuary in Silver Cliff, Colo., is organized by Ecology House at Cornell and is free to the public with a suggested $1 to $2 donation.

"When we think of wolves, we imagine a pack of ruthless hunters or majestic loners or simple forest dwellers," said Connie Fuess, Ecology House director. "This is a chance to separate myth from reality and to learn first-hand about these splendid, misunderstood animals. The 'Mission: Wolf' program is ideal for everyone -- including children -- who are interested in wildlife," she added.

The Oct. 6 presentation is co-sponsored by Cornell's Department of Natural Resources, Akwe:kon, Campus Life and Student Assembly Finance Committee, and by the Cayuga Nature Center. More information is available at (607) 253-0623.