Cornellians are raising funds for Hurricane Katrina relief

Across campus, members of the Cornell community are raising money to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Across the country, Cornell alumni are doing the same.

On Ho Plaza, students from fraternities, sororities and student organizations have been collecting money this week for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Similar fund-raisers in Myron Taylor Hall, the Johnson Art Museum and with Collegetown businesses have brought the total donated to the Red Cross to over $5,000.

The fund-raising effort on campus will continue at least through Sept. 21. While the following is a partial list of organized efforts, more are initiated daily. For a complete list, visit

  • This week, the Cornell University Democrats and the Cornell University Republicans have collected over $900 in contributions to the American Red Cross.
  • On Sunday, Sept. 4, Cornell students Amy Dressel, Julie Ruderman, Ashleigh Walker, Liz Brower, Kirsten Balzer, Cameron Polek, Lisa Guiliano, Kristen Pastor, Jen Malm and Ashley Milnor worked with Dino's restaurant in Collegetown to collect donations for the Red Cross. The evening fund-raiser made $1,750, which was matched by a supporting company in Chicago, Joseph Freed and Associates, totaling $3,500.
  • Donations were collected this week in Myron Taylor Hall by members of Phi Alpha Delta.

Upcoming efforts:

  • Members of Kappa Delta Rho plan to sell 1,000 rubber bracelets for $2 each to benefit the Red Cross. The bracelets will be on sale Sept. 19-21 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Ho Plaza and in Robert Purcell Community Center in the evening.
  • The Student Assembly (SA) will host a dinner for Tulane students next week (details not yet determined). The SA also is working on creating a Web site and listserve for Tulane students at Cornell.
  • Cornell alumni in New York will meet Saturday, Sept. 10, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Cornell Club-New York, 6 E. 44th St. between Fifth and Madison avenues, in The Ivy Room to make craft kits for children displaced by the hurricane. For more information, contact Margaux Neiderbach '99 at or 212-986-7202.

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