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Projecting success: Nanotech startup wins entrepreneurship prize

A high-tech Cornell startup business took the $100,000 grand prize at New York's Creative Core Emerging Business Competition, April 22, in Syracuse. Ithaca-based Mezmeriz Inc., founded by Shahyaan Desai '00 and led by Bradley Treat, MBA 2002, won for most innovative and growth-oriented emerging business in central New York state. This is the second year in a row that a Cornell-affiliated business has won the competition.

The firm developed a high-definition video display technology using tiny mirrors that can be used in cell phones, personal digital assistants and MP3 players. Six investment funds have already provided Mezmeriz with $1 million in capital, and Desai and Treat are in talks with consumer electronics manufacturers to bring the technology to market.

The prize money will be used to hire electrical engineers, who will create prototype projectors to demonstrate the technology's potential to manufacturers. Mezmeriz's offices are in the Cornell Business and Technology Park.

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