ISS fellowships free some of Cornell's top social scientists to pursue their research

The Institute for the Social Sciences at Cornell is hosting 11 faculty fellows as part of its new in-residence program. The faculty members will move into their fellowship offices in Myron Taylor Hall beginning Aug. 1.

Come September, the faculty fellows, each with a $10,000 grant, will be free to pursue their research, free from teaching and most departmental duties.

Supported in part by a Leadership Grant from the President's Council of Cornell Women, the fellowship program is intended to nurture promising Cornell young faculty members in the social sciences and to promote intellectual exchange, an appreciation for interdisciplinary scholarship and the opportunity for rising tenure-track and tenured faculty to connect.

"Cornell is a decentralized campus, and even faculty who are in the same field can have a hard time finding one another," said Beta Mannix, the Robert S. Harrison Director of the Institute for the Social Sciences and Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management at the Johnson School. "Working together in the same suite of offices and having contact with one another go a long way to creating a stimulating intellectual environment."

Mannix said the fellowships also represent the commitment of various departments to invest in their best social scientists by allowing them the freedom to pursue their scholarly work.

The fellows, who represent the wide range of the social sciences at Cornell, their departments and research projects are:

For a comprehensive description of their projects, visit For more information about the program, contact Anneliese Truame at 607-255-3304.

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