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Summer program on green design in London, Paris

Put together green design, a dash of summer and then mix in London, Paris and study abroad July 5-31. What have you got? A four-week Summer Study Abroad Program that gives Cornell students a European perspective on ecological design.

"Design issues transcend national boundaries and cultural differences," write Jack Elliott, associate professor of design and environmental analysis, and Pauline Morin, senior lecturer in architectural theory, who are heading the program. "Growing global pressures on diminishing resources require a heightened sense of environmental responsibility and a greater awareness of the positive role that design can play in addressing these issues."

Earning eight elective credits, students will attend class where they live: at the Kellerman location of the Centres Internationaux de Séjour de Paris and at the Finsbury Residences of the City University London.

More information:; applications are due by March 2.

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