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Trustees approve tuition and fees for 2011-12

The Cornell University Board of Trustees approved planning parameters Jan. 21 for the university's 2011-12 budget that entail an across-the-board tuition increase of $1,875 for all of the university's undergraduate students.

This sets tuition for undergraduate students in the university's endowed colleges at $41,325. New York state residents in Cornell's contract colleges will pay $25,185, while tuition for non-state residents in the contract colleges will be $41,325.

Elmira Mangum, vice president for planning and budget, said a number of factors contributed to the need for the tuition increases, including "rising costs across this sector and a reduction in state support for our statutory colleges and programs."

"We are making a concerted effort to streamline operations and reduce expenses, with marked success, and will continue to do so to hold down substantial tuition increases in the future," said Mangum. "Cornell has a very generous financial aid package to ensure that students who are currently receiving financial aid and students that may move into the need category will receive the help they need to continue their education. The financial aid program also makes it possible for potential new students to be able to access education at Cornell."

Average fees for housing and dining will increase by 4 percent, to $13,104. Student activities fees for undergraduates and graduate students will remain the same, at $216 and $76, respectively. Overall, the cost of room and board, tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate students in the university's endowed colleges will rise by 4.5 percent, to $54,645.

Trustees also approved tuition for the graduate and professional schools on the Ithaca campus for 2011-12.

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