MEDEX Global Solutions to assist Cornell travelers

Although most trips go smoothly, when the unexpected occurs, Cornellians now can turn to MEDEX Global Solutions, a leading provider of international travel assistance services, for 24-hour travel emergency services.

Replacing International SOS as of March 18, MEDEX services include pre-travel information, emergency services, medical assistance, medical evacuation, repatriation, security and political evacuation.

"In addition to the services previously available through ISOS, travelers will find some enhancements in capabilities and services provided by MEDEX," said Allen Bova, director of Risk Management and Insurance, who made the announcement with Vice Provost for International Relations Alice Pell.

These enhancements include:

"Not only are the comprehensive MEDEX services available to the Cornell community, they are free for our faculty, staff and students traveling on Cornell business," Pell said.

These services can also be purchased at a discount by members of the Cornell community traveling independently (e.g., student's or staff member's personal travel over spring break).

The services can be accessed at the MEDEX site via the portal on the International Gateway website at Travelers should print a MEDEX ID card from the MEDEX website before departure and keep it with them while traveling. The card with its Cornell ID number must be provided to obtain emergency services and includes emergency telephone numbers.

"Cards are good for multiple trips and will remain valid as long as Cornell has the MEDEX program and the traveler is an active faculty/staff/student at Cornell," Bova said. A limited number of cards will be available from the Office of Risk Management and Insurance in the East Hill Office Building and may become available at other sites on campus in the future.

"Cornellians are taking their place in the global community, and we want them to get there and back safely," said Pell, adding, "we are pleased to have MEDEX Global Solutions on our team."

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