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ILR students help Buffalo retool its economy

David Huang '13, left, was placed at the Coalition for Economic Justice. Andrea Thomas '12 worked with Heart of the City Neighborhoods Inc.

For the third year, ILR School students participated in the paid, summer-long service-learning fellowship program The High Road Runs Through the City in Buffalo, N.Y. Students worked Mondays through Thursdays with a partner organization, and on Fridays met in the Buffalo ILR offices with guest experts on economic development.

The program teamed 14 students with Buffalo-area organizations affiliated with Partnership for Public Good to gain firsthand knowledge of the economy of a region of New York state that is adapting to the end of heavy industry. Students took hands-on learning roles in urban revitalization efforts, including living at People United for Sustainable Housing's (PUSH) sustainable NetZero House.

High Road partners and student fellows were: Urban Roots, Derya Akbaba '13; Partnership for the Public Good, Jeffrey Baker '14; Buffalo First, Daniel Cooper '13; Daemen College Center for Sustainable Communities, Susanne Donovan '13; International Institute, Abhishek Gupta '10, M.S. '11; Coalition for Economic Justice, David Huang '13; Prisoners Are People Too, Sahil Jain '14; Clean Air Coalition, Elizabeth Li '13; Public Accountability Initiative, Partnership for the Public Good, Alyssa Murrett '13; PUSH Buffalo, John Parker '12; Partnership for the Public Good, Lauren Schwarzenholzer '13; Everywoman Opportunity Center, Elizabeth Spivak '13; Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Andrea Thomas '12; and Buffalo CarShare, Tom Wasko '14.


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