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Board approves tuition and fees for 2012-13


The Cornell University Board of Trustees approved planning parameters Jan. 20 for the university's 2012-13 budget that entails an across-the-board tuition increase of $1,860 for all of the university's undergraduate students. The increase will provide a 1.4 boost to the Ithaca campus's operating budget.

"This increase reflects the university's need to provide resources for the rising operations budget -- 26.3 percent of which comes from undergraduate tuition," said Elmira Mangum, vice president for planning and budget, speaking after the board's vote.

She also emphasized Cornell's strong commitment to its financial aid expenditures, which have risen by nearly 20 percent since 2008. "We are ensuring access to a Cornell education for those students whose families cannot afford full tuition. We are saying, your child can go to Cornell, thanks to the university's financial aid," she said. Cornell now spends $224 million annually on financial aid that benefits roughly 7,000 students -- about half of all undergraduates, she added.

The new tuition represents a 4.5 percent increase for students in the endowed colleges, or $43,185 compared to $41,325 in the 2011-12 academic year. Overall, the cost of room and board, tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate students in the endowed colleges will go up 4.4 percent, to $57,041.

The tuition for New York state residents enrolled in Cornell's statutory colleges will increase by 7.4 percent, to $27,045 from $25,185. For out-of-state students in the statutory colleges, tuition will go up by 4.5 percent, to $43,185 from $41,325.

Mandatory activities fees for undergraduates will increase by 5.6 percent, to $228, as recommended by the Student Assembly. Fees for graduate and professional students will go up 6.6 percent, to $81, as recommended by the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly. Average fees for housing and dining will rise by 4 percent, to $13,628 from $13,104.

The trustees also approved tuition for the graduate and professional schools on the Ithaca campus for the 2012-13 academic year.

  • Graduate School: For the third year running, the cost of tuition will remain at $29,500 for students in the endowed colleges and $20,800 for students in the statutory colleges;
  • Johnson Graduate School of Management: Tuition for the two-year MBA program and for the accelerated 12-month program will increase 4.5 percent, to $53,796 and $32,540, respectively. Two-year tuition for Cornell's executive MBA programs will increase by 3.1 percent, to $149,920, for the two-year program and to $110,220, for the Cornell/Queen's program;
  • Cornell Law School: Tuition rates will rise by 3.9 percent for J.D. students, to $55,220. Tuition for J.S.D. students will drop by 44.5 percent to $29,500, to bring that rate in line with other doctorate degrees at the university. Students in the one-year LL.M. program will see a 4.9 percent increase, to $59,260; and
  • College of Veterinary Medicine: Tuition for New York state resident and out-of-state D.V.M. students will go up by 3.5 percent, to $29,400 and $44,250, respectively.

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