New Workday profile feature links Cornell employees

A new feature in Workday gives faculty and staff the ability to create and manage their own online professional profile tailored to the Cornell community – making it easier for employees to network with each other or for managers to seek out employees who have the skills or expertise needed in their own teams.

The professional profile feature is similar in its purpose to LinkedIn – except only Cornell employees can view it. Employees can enter as much or as little professional background information as they choose regarding their work experience, education, skills, projects and certifications. Information can be entered manually or by importing a LinkedIn profile. The data you enter will be accessible to all Cornell employees.

Cornell employee data is protected. When employees view other employees, the data they can view is limited – picture, title, organization and professional profile. Your direct supervisor and their respective supervisors have access to your time off, professional profile and salary information. They do not have access to view your benefits, pay history and personal data, and they do not have access to the data of employees who do not report to them.

To get started:

  • Go to Workday and click on the “Log In” button.
  • Click on your name or photo in the upper right-hand corner and then click the “View 
Profile” link.
  • Click the “Career” tab to open the “Professional Profile” view.
  • Create or update a profile from LinkedIn or manually create one in Workday.

To view the data others share:

  • Enter an employee’s name into the search box. When their profile page is open, click the “Career” tab to open their professional profile.
  • Double-click on a skill on your own professional profile page to view the “Find Workers by Skills” results.
  • Enter “Worker Certifications” in the search box to see a list of all worker certifications. Details can include such data as the worker name, certification name, certifier or issuer, country, issued date or expiration date.

In addition to providing employees with a more targeted way to network professionally on campus, the launch of the professional profile feature prepares the way for the eventual launch of Workday Recruitment, a new system for online job applications that will replace Cornell’s current applicant tracking system, Taleo.


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