eCornell offers Psychology of Leadership certificate

eCornell is offering a new, all-online certificate in the Psychology of Leadership, a program that distills complex leadership behaviors and more than 50 years of empirical research into a concrete set of tools professionals can use to cultivate their ability to influence and lead in all settings.

“Professionals have limited time for development, and it’s not practical for them to try everything to find what works. This new program is the result of a lifetime of work, rendering a broad range of behavioral theories and research down to a set of 15 to 20 core ideas that reap results quickly, across multiple contexts,” said program author Allan Filipowicz, clinical professor of management and organizations at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

The Psychology of Leadership certificate consists of six interactive online courses that can be completed over three months with three to five hours of study per week in an engaging, small-class setting. Each course unpacks key behaviors like goal setting, managing personal and team performance, emotional intelligence and influencing others. Filipowicz uses worksheets, physical activities and simulations to provide students with a visceral understanding of the concepts.

Students also benefit from Filipowicz’s diverse academic and professional background; he teaches MBA students and global executives, has worked in finance and consulting, and holds advanced degrees in engineering, international affairs, social psychology, business and organizational behavior.

One of 12 Leadership and Strategic Management certificates offered by eCornell, Psychology of Leadership is relevant for professionals regardless of level, industry or sector, and ideal for current leaders seeking to improve personal and team performance. It’s also for organizations to use in developing new leaders and managers, and for anyone who needs to get things done through others. Students who complete this program receive a professional certificate from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

Sarah Thompson is a freelance writer for eCornell.

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