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On-campus caller ID will appear on off-campus phones

As of Dec. 16, calls placed from Cornell phones to off-campus numbers will display the Cornell phone number in caller ID. Currently, Cornell numbers display as “unknown” caller. This change supports the university’s new 911 system, launching Jan. 8, 2018, to provide location information in emergencies.

In addition to supporting the 911 system, this change will also enable calls to be received by off-campus numbers that only accept calls showing caller ID. One example is the Concur Travel System help line, which was rejecting calls from Cornell numbers because the caller ID was unknown.

When you call another Cornell number, the caller ID will continue to show your name and phone number. When you call off-campus numbers, only your Cornell phone number will be displayed, not your name.

If you don’t want your Cornell phone number to be displayed when making an off-campus call, you can block it on a per-call basis by dialing 116 + 9 + phone number. For special requests, such as a permanent block on caller ID, contact your department’s telephone coordinator. By making this request, you agree that you accept the risk that Cornell University Police will not know your location if you call 911 from that phone number. If you don’t know who your telephone coordinator is, contact the Cornell IT Service Desk.

See the Caller ID FAQ for more information.

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