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Campus winter energy setback starts Dec. 23

The winter energy setback period runs from Dec. 23, 2017 to Jan. 2, 2018.

Before leaving campus for winter break, remember to reduce campus energy usage in your office, common areas, labs, residential rooms and spaces over winter break by following these simple steps:

  • Switch off lights;
  • Unplug all electronics;
  • Turn off power strips;
  • Close all interior and exterior doors;
  • Close all windows and shut the shades/curtains;
  • Turn down thermostats to 64 degrees (where possible), and unplug space heaters;
  • Shut down nonessential equipment (e.g., freezers and refrigerators, growth chambers, greenhouse lighting);
  • Shut down laboratory fume hoods (one of the greatest energy hogs on campus); and
  • Report facilities issues (e.g., leaky faucets, broken windows, overly hot/cold rooms).

For more information, see the Sustainable Campus webpage.