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New transgender guide helps plan transitions, support gender affirmation

A new guide to gender transitioning and affirmation in the workplace is available online for Cornell employees who are transgender and for human resource professionals, managers, hiring managers, allies and others committed to promoting a safe, respectful and inclusive campus environment.

The Cornell University Transgender Guide to Transitioning and Gender Affirmation in the Workplace supports employees in making important decisions, such as choosing whether, when and with whom to share the information that they are transgender. The guide also provides information on how to navigate workplace systems, such as changing names and gender identity.

The guide offers:

  • specifics on how to update personal information in Workday and other university systems, i.e. email, legal or preferred name change, updating a Cornell ID Card;
  • listings of on- and off-campus resources available to support transgender employees such as gender-friendly restrooms or facilities; and
  • sample plans that can be customized to an individual’s needs for their transition to ensure that those involved – including their supervisor, HR representative and colleagues – have a shared understanding and expectations.

“Cornell University’s enduring commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond merely adhering to legal and institutional nondiscrimination policies that prohibit discrimination on the basis of, among other categories, gender identity and expression,” said Angela Winfield, associate vice president for inclusion and workforce diversity. “We seek to create a workplace climate that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion regardless of background.”

Cornell Woodson, diversity and inclusion programs lead in the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity, focuses on workplace issues and concerns of LGBTQ faculty and staff. He identified an ongoing need for a simple, straightforward resource on transitioning in addition to the one-on-one consultations and workshops currently offered. “Transitioning is a major life decision,” he said. “It can be complicated to navigate all the workplace aspects involved.”

For more information about the guide or about gender identity, transitioning or gender affirmation, email or call Woodson at 607-255-5740.

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