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Call for faculty fellows to lead new Migrations Lab

The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, in partnership with the Migrations Global Grand Challenge, seeks two PI-eligible Cornell faculty fellows to lead its newly established Migrations Lab. The application deadline is Dec. 16.

Faculty can apply with a research partner or individually; in the latter case, the Einaudi Center will help facilitate an appropriate partnership. The fellows should come from different colleges or departments.

The proposal for the research activities of the lab should demonstrate a clear interdisciplinary approach to the study of migration and articulate why the project theme likely cannot be investigated using a single disciplinary lens.

The proposal must also demonstrate how the lab will prioritize the formation of a sustainable research team. The work of the lab should provide research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and a postdoctoral fellow, who will help to lead the lab alongside the faculty fellows.

The two faculty fellows will be appointed for a five-semester term to include spring 2020, academic year 2020-21, and academic year 2021-22.

In alignment with the lab’s research, the faculty fellows will design and implement two weeklong summer institutes – in Ithaca in 2021 and 2022 – for advanced graduate students, postdocs and early-career faculty.

Each fellow individually will receive $15,000 in discretionary funding in both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years; the funding should be used to obtain a course release or provide other departmental or research support required to free up time to concentrate on this initiative. The joint research team will receive $50,000 in seed funding to provide research and programming funds, as well as support in identifying sources of supplemental funding.

Additional funding will be provided for the two summer institutes.

Complete details and application materials are available on the Einaudi Center website. Email questions to Jason Hecht, the Einaudi Center’s associate director for academic programming.

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