Collaboration yields more summer distance-learning options

Students will have more opportunities to pursue their educational goals this summer thanks to a new collaboration between Cornell faculty, the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions (SCE) and eCornell.

Using their existing eCornell offerings as a base, faculty members have created nine new for-credit online courses, which SCE is now offering to degree-seeking students from Cornell and around the world.

New course offerings, and their instructors and dates:

x-Course may count toward business or real estate minors through the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. See the minors site for details.

Due to campus restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of Cornell’s approximately 300 summer courses will be conducted online this year. Cornell offered its first for-credit distance learning course – Principles of Public Relations and Advertising, consisting of six online videos – during the 1997-98 winter session.

“It’s crucial during this pandemic to provide our students with top-notch opportunities to continue their studies,” said Charles Jermy Jr., senior associate dean of SCE. “Our collaborations with Cornell faculty, eCornell and the Center for Teaching Innovation are excellent examples of finding new ways to work together to better serve our students.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with SCE and faculty to create new course options for Cornell students over the summer,” said Paul Krause, executive director of eCornell and vice provost for external education. “In many cases, eCornell learning assets provide a great opportunity to create high quality, career-oriented courses.”

Historically, the eCornell-developed courses were available primarily as online professional development certificate programs. Recently they’ve been enhanced for use as executive professional master’s degrees in the School of Industrial Labor Relations and the College of Human Ecology and as a new master’s degree in legal studies for Cornell Law School.

Visit the School of Continuing Education website for more information and to register.

Shelley Preston is the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions' communications and marketing specialist.

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