You Can Make it Happen: Spring 2021

Global development

Global development fellows are interdisciplinary scholars in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who work to address problems of direct relevance to people around the globe. Support a summer internship experience with student stipend and direct program support. Support of one global development fellow is $3,000 for a virtual experience or $6,000 for an in-person experience.

For more information, contact Christy Agnese.

Asian Summer Gardens

A new Asian Summer Garden will showcase tree and herbaceous peonies and other plants native to China, Japan and Korea, and will highlight the importance of these plants in East Asian culture. In addition to horticultural excellence, a beautiful event space in the heart of the garden will be an important feature. A pavilion, inspired by East Asian architectural traditions and surrounded by a rain garden, willoccupy the west edge of the event lawn. An Asian-inspired pergola, draped with Wisteria, will shade a path framed by low stone walls and will serve as a unifying element in the larger garden landscape. A nearby raised lotus pool will be another focal point.

Because the Asian Summer Garden will be is comprised of interconnected paths with sweeping curves, the garden will gradually reveal itself to the visitor. Help us start planting with a gift of $25,000.

For more information, contact Botanic Gardens Director of Development Lynn Swain.

World-changing research through design

World-changing faculty research is happening within the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning – just one example being the work being done by Professor Felix Heisel in the Circular Construction Lab. The Circular Construction Lab (CCL) houses a design research program that advances the paradigm shift from linear material consumption towards a circular economy within an industrialized construction industry. CCL understands architecture as part of a regenerative and restorative cycle and sees design as a vehicle that can advance this ambition with excellence in teaching and research. Through close collaborations with academic, industrial, and legislative/political partners the lab promotes a more sustainable, low/no-carbon, circular construction industry. Help us fund and continue work like this with a gift of $10,000.

For more information, contact AAP Assistant Dean Mark Weber.

This story originally appeared in the spring 2021 issue of Ezra magazine.

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