Balance Festival to offer wellness-focused programs for students

Students often express the sentiment that “If I won't work 24 hours a day, someone else will. I'll get lower grades, worse internships, and fewer opportunities. This is just how it is. Nobody likes it, but we don't have a choice.”

But we all do have a choice. And that is what the Balance Festival aims to present students with this month on north campus through a series of programs and resource tables. 

All students are invited to stop by North Campus between April 22-24 for Balance Festival.  Student are encouraged to take part in this wellness-focused event to explore their current choices, whether they're working, and the alternatives available. Learn more about yourself and get connected to resources to help you choose what you need.

A full schedule of events is available, and includes the following activities and much more:

•    Saturday, April 23, 1-5pm: Houseplant Sale
•    Saturday, April 23, 3-4pm: “Understanding ‘Impostor Syndrome’” with Career Services
•    Sunday, April 24, 1-2pm and 3-4pm: Guided walks to the Botanic Gardens
•    Sunday, April 24, 2-2:30pm: “Manage Your Energy to Manage Your Anxiety” 

The goals of Balance Festival programming are fourfold: to engage you where you are and acknowledge the constraints you face; encourage you to think about how you're balancing your life, whether it's sustainable, and what the consequences of your choices are likely to be; educate you about the benefits of healthy balance between academic, social, and health aspects of your life; and, equip with simple tools and resources to help you make balance choices that work for you, instead of choosing to do what everyone else is doing or what you think others want you to do.

Those who want to join in a more informal way can stop by Toni Morrison Multipurpose Room to visit with student groups, such as EARS and Body Positive Cornell, and University partners, such as Anabel’s Grocery and the Learning Strategy Center, who will be tabling, providing information about their services, and offering activities to get you thinking, moving, and breathing. 

Balance Festival is hosted by North Campus Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Fellows in support of the Cornell student community.

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