Designed to recognize the excellence of our staff in all roles, the President's Awards for Employee Excellence recognize employees who have made an outstanding contribution to Cornell University.  The Culture of Sustainability Award was added in 2022. | Photo: Cornell Photography

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New employee excellence award honors sustainability service

Honoring the importance of sustainability stewardship, culture, and contributions by employees, a new "Culture of Sustainability" category has been added to the campus employee excellence awards in 2022.

The President's Awards for Employee Excellence recognize employees who have made an outstanding contribution to Cornell University.  

The new award seeks to recognize employee contributions to the creation of a sustainable campus, community, and culture.

As a global leader in sustainability Cornell uses a sustainability framework which includes four intersecting principles: Purpose, Prosperity, Planet, and People. This framework acknowledges that sustainability isn’t just about the environment – sustainability integrates how our actions and culture help create a healthy planet, ensure the wellbeing and equity of people, support a thriving economy, and contribute to our purpose as an educational institution.

Nominations for this category can focus on contributions to one or more of these principles.

Two recognition programs make it easy to recognize employee sustainability contributions. Staff Sustainability Champions allows colleagues to exchange kudos throughout the year for sustainability actions big and small, with one monthly winner receiving a prize from the Campus Sustainability Office. The Employee Excellence Award for Culture of Sustainability is given to one individual a year for distinguished service, with a larger nomination form.

Employees will continue to have the option to recognize colleagues using the Sustainability Champions program on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The HR website notes award nominations should focus on how employees have honored one or more Cornell "Skills for Success" through sustainability contributions, including:

  • How has the employee worked to advance Cornell’s climate and sustainability goals, on campus or as part of a larger effort that benefits our community and region?

  • How has the nominee shared sustainability knowledge and solutions, and contributed to or created collaborations that strengthen trust and community building towards climate and sustainability goals of the university?

  • Has the employee made informed decisions that advance Cornell as a model of sustainable operations and experience?

  • Has the nominee displayed passion and innovation in sustainability thinking and practice, prioritized sustainability, and empowers others to do the same?

To learn more and to submit a nomination, visit the Human Resources Employee Excellence Awards.

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