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Arts and Sciences welcomes new faculty for 2022-23

This year, 15 new faculty are bringing innovative ideas in a wide range of topics to the College of Arts & Sciences’ nexus of discovery and impact, including climate change, astronomy, identity studies and the economy.

The College’s interdisciplinary approach to climate change research is reflected in the work of environmental humanist Carolyn Fornoff. Her new book, entitled “Subjunctive Aesthetics: Mexican Cultural Production in the Era of Climate Change,” examines how contemporary Mexican arts and culture have responded to climate change.  

Sociologist Daniel Hirschman’s latest research focuses on the costs of climate change. He’s interested in models and predictions of the damage done by climate change and the costs of switching off fossil fuels, and how those predictions inform policy debates and public understanding of the climate crisis. 

Anna Ho’s appointment adds to the College’s noted strength in astronomy. She uses telescopes across the Earth and in space to study the most energetic explosions in the universe, asking questions like what “death omens” signal the imminent demise of a star.

Explore profiles of all the new faculty members on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

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