Aerial view of Louisiana from Johnny Miller's Unequal Scenes series that will be exhibited as part of the symposium.

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Mark your calendar: moments you won't want to miss at the Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities Launch Symposium

What are the most vexing problems facing cities today? What kinds of research and questions would best support urban transformation? What role might creative professionals across and between art and design take in leading the way forward? With the "Critical Conversations for Urban Transformation" symposium, the Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities brings an international roster of civic leaders and expert urban design practitioners, scholars, activists, and artists together with Cornell AAP faculty to respond. 

The center's two-day launch event features participatory panel discussions, the presentation of new research and findings, a stunning exhibition of aerial photography, and an altogether open forum for rethinking lines of inquiry, partnership, and collective efforts to build more equitable, sustainable, and resilient cities now and in the future. 

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