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Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship announces certification program

In the fall of 2022, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine launched a new Certificate in Veterinary Business and Management, providing veterinary students an opportunity to pursue advanced training in business and management disciplines.

“The new Certificate in Veterinary Business and Management is an important step in realizing Cornell’s strategic priority to establish the Cornell Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship (CVBE) to strengthen veterinarians’ business and management skills,” says Lorin D. Warnick, D.V.M., Ph.D. ’94, the Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine. “I look forward to seeing the impact this new certificate program will have on the careers of our graduates and the positive influence they in turn will have on the larger veterinary profession.”

Created by Jorge Colón ’92, D.V.M. ’95, an associate professor of practice​ with the CVBE who holds an M.B.A. from Colorado State University, the certificate program is designed to give graduates the skills needed to succeed in any veterinary field. “Mastering financial and business skills is necessary for all veterinarians, even if you aren’t a business owner,” says Colón. “This certificate will help our graduates succeed in any workplace and equip them to lead the profession into new frontiers.”

Read the full story on the College of Veterinary Medicine website.

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