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Externship fund established for Veterinary College alumnus

Garth Cummings, D.V.M. '11

Many remarkable people pass through the halls of Cornell’s Veterinary College. And while each graduate is a star, there are some that seem to burn more brightly. Garth Cummings, D.V.M. ’11, was one such alumnus. An adventurer, activist and advocate for sound animal agriculture, Cummings’ life was one of big dreams and distant travels. His untimely passing due to a work-related accident in 2018 was a profound loss for those who knew him and has sparked the founding of the Garth Cummings, D.V.M. ’11, and Sons Externship, a fund that honors the memory and values of this remarkable young dairy veterinarian.

“We wanted to support someone like Garth, who’s working to learn, to make things better and who collaborates with others,” said Curt Cummings, Garth’s father, who established the fund with his wife Kathleen. She added that they want the fund to support “[a student project that] if Garth heard about it, he’d want to be there, too, working with them and discovering new things.”

Read the full story on the College of Veterinary Medicine website.

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