Freshman Nic Oke on what it's like to take a PE course during Winter Session 2023

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Winter Session spotlight – PE 1272: Walking Tours

Freshman Nic Oke describes what it's like to take an online Winter Session PE course from home

Physical education as an online credit course? In winter?

Watch the video to hear why freshman Nic Oke decided to take an online PE course from his family residence near Baltimore, Maryland during Winter Session 2023. 

The new course, led by Jennifer Gudaz, Cornell's director of physical educationrequired students to complete a daily hour-long walking challenge and submit assignments to receive a PE credit. "Students use an app to track their progress each day and submit it by midnight each night. They have to do 15 of the 18 days to get credit," Gudaz said. "We're going to make some minor changes next year to allow for more student interaction with each other. We'll likely use Strava and set up a community on the app so students can interact with each other and inspire their fellow classmates."

All Winter Session courses, which run January 3–20, 2023, offer the same quality and number of credits as their fall/spring counterparts but are condensed into a rigorous three-week session. Students who’ve taken online Winter Session courses say they appreciate the ability to explore a new field, get ahead in their studies, or meet a requirement.

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