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Reproductive biology a core strength at Veterinary College

Hundreds of experts in reproductive biology will convene at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine on April 27 for the annual Tri-Institutional Symposium on Reproductive Biology and Infertility, or Tri-Repro, a regional conference that showcases the latest research in the field of reproduction. The conference will showcase the college’s strength in reproductive biology, which has been a cornerstone of research on campus for decades. Cornell is home to the newly-expanded Cornell Reproductive Sciences Center (CoRe), one of the eight multidisciplinary research centers in the nation focused on reproductive biology.

The symposium is a shared event across three institutions – Cornell’s Center for Reproductive Genomics, the University of Pittsburgh Magee Women’s Research Center and the University of Pennsylvania Center for Research on Reproduction and Women’s Health. All three are National Centers in Translational Research on Reproduction and Infertility funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

“Tri-Repro is commonly regarded as one of the most successful nationwide conferences in reproduction,” explained Dr. Paula Cohen, professor of genetics and director the Center for Reproductive Genomics. “It brings together the top experts from the northeast and puts a strong focus on our graduate, postdoctoral and resident trainees."

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