Pat Cassano, Alan D. Mathios Professor in the College of Human Ecology and director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, speaks at the intercampus symposium on metabolic health.

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Intercampus symposium brings together Cornell researchers studying metabolic health

Diabetes, obesity, and metabolic diseases are complex health problems and important threats to human health. Ensuring optimal metabolic health requires multidisciplinary solutions.

On Sept. 11 and 12, a cross-campus symposium brought together nearly 100 Cornell researchers from the Ithaca Campus and the Weill Cornell Medicine Campus in New York City to catalyze the kind of interdisciplinary collaborations necessary to address this growing health challenge. 

The symposium, titled Metabolic Health: From Molecules to Populations, focused on three topics: diabetes at the molecular and cellular level, obesity and the biology of fat cells, and population-level obesity interventions.

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