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New book charts a novel course for India’s social safety nets

With a growing economy and increasing clout on the world stage, India is a success story among developing countries, but persistently high poverty and malnutrition rates threaten to leave millions of lives behind. A new book authored by researchers at the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) argues that India needs to rethink its social safety nets in order to address these issues and realize its full potential.

In The Future of India’s Social Safety Nets: Focus, Form, and Scope, Research Associate Andaleeb Rahman and Director Prabhu Pingali explore India’s array of social welfare programs and contend that the country should replace its piecemeal efforts with a systemic approach aimed at achieving a resilience that lifts families out of poverty and keeps others from falling into hardship.

Read the full story in the Tata-Cornell Institute newsroom.

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