Crew members prepare to film on the set of "Remembering Colin Stall," which took over the Kiplinger Theatre stage for much of the spring 2024 semester: (l-r) Jamen Meistrich, assistant director; Indeana Underhill, director of photography; and script supervisor/prop master Victoria Serafini, Ph.D. candidate in Performing & Media Arts.

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Film set in Schwartz Center: A pop-up laboratory for building worlds

The room on the Kiplinger Theatre stage is paneled in wood and faded yellow-green floral wallpaper. The lamps, beige and dim, barely disturb the shadows dominating every corner. Old family photos march up the wall. A taxidermy deer head gazes down upon a mustard yellow couch draped with a crocheted color-block throw. The stairs, carpeted in gray shag, look as though they might creak under the weight of the tragedy haunting the house.

The shiver-inducing story of the old couple living in that house and a young man who stumbles upon it took root in student filmmaker Peter Levine’s ’24 imagination two years ago. The resulting short film, “Remembering Colin Stall,” came to life this semester on a set installed on the stage.

Designed by Jason Simms, assistant professor of performing and media arts (PMA) in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) and built by PMA crew and students, the film set was the busy heart of the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts for the first half of the spring 2024 semester.

“It was a pop-up laboratory,” Simms said. “It definitely took on a life outside ‘Colin Stall,’ which was always part of our intention.”

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