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Seed grants from the Cornell Center for Social Sciences fund 23 projects

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS) has selected 23 research projects spanning nine Cornell colleges and 17 departments to receive this spring's CCSS seed grants. Building trust in higher education, the future of seaweed as a low-carbon resource, and COVID-19's impact on participation in local government are among the diverse topics this semester's grantees will investigate.

CCSS awards seed grants in the fall and spring semesters to kickstart Cornell research projects in the social sciences. Grants can also fund Cornell-hosted workshops or conferences, such as this spring's CCSS-supported 2024 Global Forum for Financial Consumers.

To learn more about this semester's research projects, grant eligibility and how the CCSS Seed Grant Program can enhance your social science research, visit the CCSS website.

Michelle Lucio is the administrative coordinator for the Cornell Center for Social Sciences.

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