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Cornell Keynotes podcast: Drive sales and marketing success with AI and academic theory

How can you leverage generative AI today to reach key goals in the workplace?

As co-founder of Eisengard AI, Clarence Lee spends his workdays examining how businesses can leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve their workflows. The use cases for marketing and sales are abundant — from copywriting, A/B testing and customer relationship management to pipeline operations, pitching and cold call strategy.

In a new episode of the Cornell Keynotes podcast from eCornell, Lee, also a former professor at Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business, shares how companies can apply academic theory to create AI business frameworks for those routine lead- and revenue-generating practices.

In the episode, Lee also explores:

  • The importance of prioritizing customer and stakeholder outcomes
  • AI applications for customer lifetime value and customer-based corporate valuation
  • How AI can help workers map their days
  • Time freedom gained from AI
  • The future of AI agents and possibilities of AI org charts
  • Differences between smart AI and wise AI
  • Personalized AI that knows you
  • Sales and marketing pain points that can be addressed with AI
  • Opportunities for AI to guide corporate leaders as external consulting firms do
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems
  • Mental modeling of what’s important — and what’s not — in accomplishing work tasks
  • How AI frameworks could be used for eCornell learners

Listen to Episode 37: Drive Sales and Marketing Success with AI and Academic Theory:

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