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Pinkonomics Podcast covers women in the economy

When philosophy doctoral student Arundhati Singh wants to learn something new, she often turns to podcasts. But it didn’t work when she needed to expand her knowledge of the intersection between feminist philosophy and economics – she couldn’t find any podcasts on the subject. So, she created her own as a summer experiment.

The Pinkonomics Podcast explores “the economics of womanhood, with perspectives from philosophy, economics, sociology, and law,” Singh writes on her podcast site.  Four episodes in, she’s covered topics including game theory and bargaining models, and the economics of sexual violence and thinness.

“The economy is a system with agents who deal in power,” Singh said. “I want to examine the choices of women in the economy and explore why the position of women is still subordinate to that of men.” 

Singh said she approached the task using game theory and logic, to “strategize how women can go forward in this economic game that we seem to be stuck with,” she said.

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