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3 ways to sabotage your systems architecture

Professor Oliver Gao’s Systems Architecture and Management program helps organizations understand the value of systems architecture related to performance, lifecycle cost, schedule and risk.

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N. K. Jemisin to speak on imagining a better future

N. K. Jemisin, award-winning fantasy author and critic, will give the Bartels World Affairs Lecture on Wednesday, October 4, at 5:30 p.m. in the Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium.

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Lake Source Cooling brings sustainability, precision to synchrotron

Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory has tapped into the university’s Lake Source Cooling system, which uses cold water from Cayuga Lake to remove heat from the district chilled water loop that cools most Cornell facilities.

Two doctoral students and advisors receive 2023 HHMI Gilliam Fellowships

Doctoral candidate Alexander Cruz and Professor Jonathan Butcher and doctoral candidate Don Long and Professor Praveen Sethupathy were selected for the 2023 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Graduate Fellows Program.

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High school students explore the language of plants

The CATALYST Academy engineering program at Cornell teamed up with CROPPS to discover how engineering and technology play major roles in plant science and agriculture.

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Cornell-EDF projects to study extreme urban heat, ag sustainability

The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability launches two new research partnerships with EDF. 

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NIH grant to launch center for diagnostics to improve global health

An interdisciplinary team led by Cornell has received a five-year grant to launch a new center for engineering, testing and commercializing point-of-care diagnostic devices that will have international reach.

Grant funds Transportation Ph.D. Fellowship in Economics, Engineering, Policy

Cornell has been awarded a grant to fund the Regional Interdisciplinary Transportation Ph.D. Fellowship Program in Economics, Engineering and Policy – a unique program for doctoral students that will integrate engineering and economic research in the field of transportation systems technology.

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Benedek Group designs dynamic materials for tomorrow's tech

Nicole Benedek, associate professor of materials science and engineering, uses theoretical and computational techniques to design functional materials that can improve modern technologies such as computer chips, ultrasound machines and solar panels.

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Cornell to lead carbon-cutting effort in aluminum recycling

A new Cornell-led project aims to use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and residue from aluminum recycling – a carbon-heavy process – to produce high value products and address climate change.

Lifestyle impacts green benefits of remote work

Depending on lifestyle choices and work arrangements, remote workers can have a 54% lower carbon footprint compared with onsite workers, according to a new study by Cornell and Microsoft.

Combustion powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race

Researchers combined soft microactuators with high-energy-density chemical fuel to create an insect-scale quadrupedal robot that is powered by combustion and can outperform its electric-driven competitors.