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Dragon Day ‘moving mural’ hides a secret

During the annual parade on March 31, first-year architecture students plan to unveil a sustainably constructed dragon “skinned” in colorful fabric that will be removed as part of a finale reveal.

Enrollment now open for Summer Session 2023

Students from Cornell and other universities are invited to enroll now for Cornell’s Summer Session, which will feature on-campus, online and off-campus courses. Students can earn up to 15 credits taking regular Cornell courses.

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Antibody fragment-nanoparticle therapeutic eradicates cancer

A novel cancer therapeutic, combining antibody fragments with molecularly engineered nanoparticles, permanently eradicated gastric cancer in treated mice, a multi-institutional team of researchers found.

Researchers pioneer ‘socioresilient materials’ field with NSF grant

Cornell Engineering faculty and alumni are reimagining design approaches to the materials that make up the world around us to mitigate unintended social and environmental consequences.

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Cornell creates space for gaming community

The Esports Gaming Lounge opens March 21, creating a space for students who find community through video games to play, compete and connect.

Kessler Fellows accepts record cohort for 2023

The Kessler Fellows program has welcomed a record 20 students to its 2023 cohort. The group will spend the spring semester learning entrepreneurial basics in preparation for a fully funded summer internship at a startup.

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Returning solar panel production to US eases climate change

Domestic production of photovoltaic solar panels – now made in Asia – can speed up decarbonization and reduce atmospheric climate change faster, according to new Cornell Engineering research.

Partnership seeks greener mining of critical minerals

Cornell’s Greeshma Gadikota will partner with Stillwater Critical Minerals to develop environmentally rigorous techniques to help the company extract a steady supply of elements.

Cornell, Toyota Material Handling cut ribbon on Forklift Learning Studio

The Forklift Learning Studio, developed in partnership with Toyota Material Handling, provides students taking mechanical engineering courses with a place to apply curriculum on real products.

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Cornell Bowers CIS expands summer research program to all majors

The Bowers Undergraduate Research Experience (BURE) is a paid summer research opportunity with Cornell faculty, allowing students to develop new skills and gain insights into careers in research.

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Robot provides unprecedented views below Antarctic ice shelf

The Icefin team’s observations revealed more than a century of geological processes beneath the Ross Ice Shelf near where it meets Kamb Ice Stream, and will inform models of sea-level rise.

Made in the shade: Growing crops at solar farms yields efficiency

In the face of climate change, growing commercial crops under acres of solar panels is a potentially efficient use of agricultural land that can boost food production and improve panel longevity.