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More in US believe harassing health officials is justified

A growing percentage of U.S. adults, even those who trust science, said harassing or threatening public health officials over COVID-19 business closures was justified, according to a new study of public opinion surveys conducted during two phases of the pandemic.

Thurston Hall addition to modernize the Engineering Quad

The $40 million, four-story addition will add 30,000 square feet and transform the stone and brick façade, originally built in 1951, into a contemporary glass and metallic exterior.

Dr. Jedd Wolchok to lead Meyer Cancer Center

Wolchok, an internationally acclaimed medical oncologist, will lead a clinical enterprise dedicated to translating groundbreaking discoveries on the underlying causes of cancer into cutting-edge treatment approaches and personalized therapies to improve patient outcomes.

High school students and adults can study part-time at Cornell University this fall

Students and lifelong learners are invited to explore a new interest, enhance their resume or strengthen their professional skills through Cornell’s Fall Part-Time Study Program, which runs Aug. 22 – Dec. 17, 2022. Registration for most students begins August 1.

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O’Rourke honored for infrastructure work around the globe

Professor emeritus Thomas O’Rourke was honored July 14 with the inaugural Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy Award for his research, teaching, and consulting services to more than 140 projects in 13 countries.

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Look before you leap: Study provides safety guidelines for diving

New research in biomechanics measures the impact of head-first, hand-first and feet-first diving and the likelihood of injury at different diving heights.

‘The Zelensky Method’ unpacks Ukrainian president’s panache

In an extended essay, Grant Farred focuses on actor-turned-wartime president, examining the intersection of pop culture and politics.

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After losing loved one, Nowicki family crowdfunds for cancer research

After losing his mother to breast cancer, Ryan Nowicki '16 crowdfunded for a novel cancer treatment that had once piqued the interest of his mother at Cornell.

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Research in Focus: Nikole Lewis explains unique worlds among newly discovered exoplanets

Nikole Lewis will be one of the first to characterize distant exoplanets using infrared data from the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope.

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Ice Age human footprints discovered in Utah desert

Human footprints believed to date from the end of the last ice age have been discovered on the salt flats of the Air Force’s Utah Testing and Training Range by Cornell researcher Thomas Urban.

Gut molecules may affect fattiness of the liver

Sphingolipids – prominent molecules produced by bacteria in the gut microbiome – appear to ameliorate a problematic fatty liver, according to new Cornell nutrition research.

Cornell partners with NYS to fight the spotted lanternfly

The devastating spotted lanternfly’s spread to upstate and western New York is not a matter of if, but when, experts say – and Cornell is a key player in helping slow the infestation.