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Post-Zoom: shifts in the work space

Cornell experts share tips and insights for returning to in-person work and life. 

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Anderson named faculty director of Cornell AAP's Bachelor of Architecture Program

Sean Anderson (B.Arch./B.S. HAUD '96) joins the Department of Architecture at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning as Associate Professor and incoming Director of the B.Arch. Program.

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The urban everyday

Sophie Oldfield, incoming faculty and chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning shares experiences and thoughts on global differences, commonalities, and the complexity of urban life across layered geographies. 

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Alumna encourages citizen involvement in space science

Amy Kaminski '98 is the editor of a new book about space science and public engagement and has a career that’s dedicated to helping people become involved in science research in a meaningful way.

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Small molecule plays outsize role in controlling nanoparticle

A breakthrough imaging technique enabled Cornell researchers to gain new insights into how tiny ligands adsorb on the surface of nanoparticles and how they can tune a particle’s shape.

Farm marketing success linked to natural, cultural assets

Farmers markets and roadside stands are more successful in communities with more nonprofits, social enterprises and creative industries, according to a new study.

Trace gas phosphine points to volcanic activity on Venus

Cornell astronomers say the detection of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus shows evidence of explosive volcanoes on the mysterious planet.

Plant pathologist Ken Horst dies at 85

Horst, professor emeritus of plant pathology who was best known for his research on diseases of ornamental crops, died June 9 in Ithaca.

Money talks: Wealthy ‘hijack’ agenda to gain policy influence

Analyzing more than 20 years of floor speeches by members of Congress, a new book co-authored by Peter K. Enns, professor in the Department of Government, explains why corporate and wealthy interests dominate the national economic agenda.

Kevin Jensen named executive director of financial aid

Jensen, who is committed to advancing diversity, will lead the team that awards hundreds of millions of dollars annually in support of Cornell’s need-blind admission and affordability policies.

Transportation innovations could boost public health

A Cornell-led team has used transdisciplinary systems modeling to calculate the future health benefits of vehicle electrification, driverless cars and ride-sharing in the United States.

Law professor offers international human rights course

International Human Rights in Theory and Practice, taught this summer by Cornell Law School Clinical Professor of Law Elizabeth Brundige, invites students to think critically about international human rights.

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