School of Civil and Environmental Engineering launches smart cities concentration

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering will offer an optional smart cities undergraduate concentration, recognizing the growing ubiquity of sensors, smart devices and real-time data in related fields.

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Architecture, art, revolution: 8 questions for Stella Betts

Visiting Critic Stella Betts, architecture, speaks with Mitchell Carson (M.Arch. '22) about political aspects of public space today and the convergence of art and architecture practice.

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Break it down: CR0WD task force forges zero waste goals

CR0WD, a Cornell-powered, community-led task force works with New York State communities to promote thoughtful building deconstruction and highlight the environmental, cultural, and, economic value of salvage, reuse, and closed material flows.

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CAU offers online classes with Cornell faculty for adults and youth this summer

Cornell's Adult University invites alumni, their friends and family, and the general public to expand their minds this summer by taking live, online courses for adults and youth taught by Cornell faculty and graduate students. 

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PolyForm celebrates mission, spirit of Human Ecology

Featuring color-shifting walls and folded stainless-steel modules, the permanent pavilion designed by Jenny Sabin (AAP) and her practice serves as a new gateway to – and symbol of – the interdisciplinary college.

Faculty profiles: From circular construction to academic law ambition

Meet Felix Heisel, Madeline Kneeland, Michelle Moyal and Brian Richardson, who are bringing their expertise to Cornell.


Pilot program helps older adults with dementia manage meds

Serving residents of two upstate New York counties, the HOPES program led by Rana Zadeh is providing secure medication organizers and training to help prevent potentially dangerous and costly mishaps.

Celebrated architect Art Gensler ’58 dies at 85

Arthur Gensler Jr., B.Arch. ’58, a global architect, entrepreneur and founder of a practice that became one of the largest, most successful firms in the industry, died May 10.

Who for whom: Florian Idenburg on SO-IL’s approach to design practice

Florian Idenburg, founder of the award-winning architecture firm SO-IL, and visiting faculty at AAP NYC, designs architecture that gives form and aesthetics to our world's most pressing questions.

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