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Praxis Center and engineering startups grow together

Nearly two years after launching, the Praxis Center for Venture Development is reconfiguring its structure to reflect the growth of engineering startups at Cornell and their specialized needs.

Student-developed app connects shovels to snow

Snow Angels, a web app developed in part by Cornell computer science students that allows people to volunteer their snow-shoveling services on street corners around Ithaca, launched on Jan. 28.

People follow a crowd, no matter its politics

When it comes to evaluating news, people tend to trust the opinions of a large group whether it’s composed of liberals or conservatives, new Cornell Tech research has found.

Chess engine sacrifices mastery to mimic human play

Researchers have developed an AI engine trained to play chess like human – improving online chess games and shedding light on how humans could learn from AI in other areas.

Initiative to employ AI in behavioral health monitoring

The new, collaborative Precision Behavioral Health Initiative aims to use both smart devices and artificial intelligence to help individuals, and their doctors, monitor and manage behavioral health.

Research explores hallmarks of effective conversations

Using data from a crisis text hotline, Cornell researchers explored the question of what makes conversations successful.

President lauds ‘transformational gift’ from Ann S. Bowers ’59

President Martha E. Pollack applauds the legacy of Ann S. Bowers ’59 and her gift that creates the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science.

Gift from Ann S. Bowers ’59 creates new college of computing and information science

A transformative gift from Ann S. Bowers ’59 – a Silicon Valley champion and longtime philanthropist – will establish the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, supporting Cornell’s preeminence in these fields.

COVID-19 patient registry helping track disease’s evolution

A Cornell-led COVID-19 patient registry, organized by Weill Cornell Medicine, continues to be a source of medical insight into the workings of the novel coronavirus and treatment of infected patients.